Greatest Strength

What is your greatest strength? This question is a combination of the these three questions:

  1. “What do you bring?”
  2. “What can you do for us?”
  3. “What makes you different?”

WHAT NOT TO DO: Use a generic strength such as “I have a strong work ethic,” or one that can easily become a liability such as, “I’m very detail oriented.”

This is a chance for you to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates.

Share a strength that the role requires and that the company would really benefit from. In short, it should be specific, relevant, and valuable.

Don’t just stop there. Connect your strength back to concrete results from the past and how it will help you in the desired role.


If you do really well on this question, you may experience the halo effect, which means that the interviewer’s positive impression of you at this point will spill over to the rest of the interview and boost your chances to move to the next round. Practicing your responses to questions like these is crucial to land your dream job.

Recommended response time: 1.5 minutes

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