Walk Me Thru Your CV.

This is usually one of the first questions, and therefore, there is primacy effect at play. Your response to this question matters more than any of the other ones.

Whatever you do, please do not “walk” the interviewer thru your CV.

Start with something on your CV and then talk about what is not on your CV: goals leading to a significant change and what you learned as a result. Then, connect that with the reason for the next major shift in your career. Remember to include what you expect to gain out of the MBA that will help you achieve your desired outcome post-graduation.

Here’s how to visualize and plan your response to this question:

You need to pique the interviewer’s interest while demonstrating that you approach your life and career with careful thought and consistency (even if you didn’t plan your career this way!). Human beings have a strong consistency bias, which means we do things to project ourselves as consistent people and expect others to do the same.

You want the interviewer to be thinking, “Yes, that makes makes sense.”

Recommended response time: 2 minutes

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